Kelo-cote-Advance formula scar therapy 10g and 60g (Best Seller in USA)


Made in USA
Improves the appearance of scars
100 percent silicone
Physician recommended
Clinically proven to flatten, soften, and reduce redness of scars over the course of treatment
Helps to relieve itching, discomfort and pain associated with scars
Minimum order: 100 pcs

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Scar_Types_-_1A Scar_Types_-_2A_-_Burn_Scars Scar_Types_-_3A_-_Cleft_Lip_Scar_Face_Lift Scar_Types_-_4A_-_Hand_Surgery_Knee_Surgery Scar_Types_-_5A_-_Skin_Cancer_Surgery_Scar_Heart_Surgery_Scar Scar_Types_-_6A_-_Thyroid_Surgery_Scar_Tattoo_Removal_Scar

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