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GE Compax 40E

Pedestal Console – ADVANTX

Model: 2183001

S/N: 544450WK0

April 2000

Float Top Table, Model: 2225881, S/N: 33419MA3, April 2000

Power Cabinet, Model: 2127986, S/N: 952352WK3, April 2000

Electronics Cabinet – SCPU Generator, Model: 2128130, S/N: 952351WK5, April 2000

Overhead Tube Crane, Model: 2102424, S/N: 952324WK2, April 2000

X-Ray Tube, Model: 46-155318G33, S/N: 96114TX4, April 2005 (Exp = 94,517 as of 10/15/09)

Insert: MX1000, Small Focal Spot Size: .6, Large Focal Spot Size: 1.25, Target Angle: 12.5 deg.

Collimator, Model: ZADULOSA, S/N: 82012YY6, March 2000

Wall Device


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